Speed Networking Tips

The Setup

Depending on the number of attendees we will have 13 tables of 6-8 people, each having 1-2 minutes to deliver their intro. Each table will have a moderator who will guide the conversation.

Be Prepared

Ask yourself why you are attending this event and what do you intend to gain from it?

Set clear goals and objectives.

Bring plenty of marketing materials (business cards/flyers). Expect there to be 100 or so potential clients at the Speed Networking.

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Speed Networking Tips

Be Respectful

This event moves very quickly. You’ll want to introduce yourself and pass a business card before starting.

Please be mindful of your time and allow everyone an opportunity to speak.

Listen to each other, don’t interrupt a discussion, and wait for your turn to respond.

Know Your Introduction

Write it down on a post card to remember if need be. Generally, a good introduction includes:

  1. Identify Your Goal – Do you want to tell potential clients about your organization or business? Do you have a great new product to pitch?
  2. Explain What You Do – Describe your organization. Focus on the problems you solve and how you help people. Ask yourself as you are writing, what do you want your audience to remember most about you?
  3. Communicate Your “Unique Selling Proposition” – Identify what makes you, your organization, or your idea unique. What are your special strengths? Is is your product? Service? History? Expertise?
  4. Pose a Question to Make Them Think!
  5. Put it all Together.
  6. Practice and Delivery!

Be Aware of Your Body Language

Be aware of your personal brand. Are you dressed according to venue? Are you communicating your core values and your basic principles?

Be aware of your posture, your body language, and note the way your counterpart are responding to the way you are delivering your message. Leave your worries at the door and be engaged in the moment.

Remember to give appropriate eye contact while speaking. Don’t forget to smile!

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taking notes

Take Notes

Always bring a writing pad and a pen to meetings.

Ensure that you have sufficient information to follow-up with your new contact without spending the full time writing without eye contact.

Encourage and Be Helpful

Networks of people are highly complex; good deeds and helpfulness tends to build positive effects, creating confidence and good will. 

Think of it as business Karma.

If you have a referral for someone during the event, write it now and pass along the info.

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Networking is not about getting new business, although that can certainly happen, it’s about making connections and building professional relationships.

One of the most important aspects of networking is to follow up on the contacts you have received during the meeting.

Do no spam your new contacts. You want to build meaningful relationships.

Networking only produces the right results if you follow up and deliver on your commitments and promises. This also builds trust, reputation and positive business relationships.

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What went well? What could you have done differently?

Learning through experience and adapting your approach accordingly will help develop confidence and success.